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Clochard Deluxe Beard Balm - Virginian Woods

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  • Merk: ClochardDeLuxe
  • Model: Clochard Deluxe Beard Balm
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With Clochard Deluxe Beard Balm you can care for and shape the beard. It ensures that the skin under the beard is less dry and itchy and it keeps the wild hairs in place.

The beard balm can be combined with the Clochard Deluxe beard oil for optimal care of the beard. First you use the oil to nourish, protect and soften the beard. Then you can shape the beard with the balm, with the Clochard Deluxe beard comb or beard brush. Developed and produced in Belgium.

Odor: The Virginian Woods scent can be compared to the aroma of a freshly sharpened pencil, although it is more complex. You immediately recognize a cedar wood-like exterior scent, which is carried through to all our products, from beard oil to a shampoo bar.

Instructions: Take a small amount of beard balsam and rub it between the hands.

Your body heat will melt the balsam. Apply evenly to your beard and then brush or comb through.

60 ML